The Support at Home Information Hub page is intended to provide CHSP & Home Care service providers with resources that are used widely in the sector. Linking providers to useful tools, Government Information on all things aged care & links to current Covid resources.


The Australian Government is investing $17.7 billion into an aged care reform package. These measures are designed to produce a once in a generation reform of aged care, providing respect, care and dignity to our senior Australians.

The Australian Government response to the Final Report Recommendations of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, is founded on the principles of respect, care and dignity.

This outline of Aged Care reforms identifies service delivery objectives within a 5-year period, across mapped against the 5 key pillars. The reforms place senior Australians and their individual needs front and centre, partnering with the Aged Services sector and workforce.

This Paper outlines an overview of the proposed design for the new Support at Home Program. Support at Home will start in July 2023.

Support at Home Alliance “Seamless Aged Care:  How to set up ‘Support at Home’ Right, the first time.

Assistance with Care and Housing

This document provides Assistance with Care and Housing and answers questions that cover arrangements for the 2022-2023 Commonwealth Home Support Programme extension and the new Support at Home program from 1 July 2023.

Sector Support & Development

This document provides Sector Support and Development answers to questions that covers arrangements for the 2022-2023 Commonwealth Home Support Programme extension and the new Support at Home program from 1 July 2023.

Specialised Support and Services

This document provides Specialised Support Services answers to questions that covers arrangements for the 2022-2023 Commonwealth Home Support Programme extension and the new Support at Home program from 1 July 2023.

COTA (Council of the Ageing)

COTA Australia is a peak policy development, advocacy and representation organisation for older Australians, representing COTAs in every State and Territory and through them over 500,000 older Australians.

Training with ACSA

ACSA is dedicated to supporting the Aged Services sector by delivering a suite of practical, high quality customised Learning & Professional Development products, to support  the delivery of quality and safe care, meet regulatory and legislative compliance and to support and prepare organisations for policy reform.

Unit Costing Tool

ACSA has contributed to finalising the development of a CHSP Unit Costing tool by Carrie Hayter Consulting which has been released free of charge for use by CHSP providers.

Sector Support Area

The department engaged KPMG to undertake the Sector Support and Development (SSD) review. The review reports on the status and performance of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme SSD sub-program. This review will help inform future SSD policy development and care at home.

CHSP Manual link

This 2020–2022 manual provides an overview of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), including the service types it funds and requirements for delivering those services. It is for CHSP-funded service providers to use, and forms part of their CHSP grant agreement.

Legislation links

The Aged Care Act 1997 is the main law that covers government-funded aged care. It outlines rules for funding, regulation, approval of providers, quality of care and the rights of people receiving care. Laws on diversity and discrimination also apply to aged care.

Learn about how the Federal Government is reforming the aged care legislation to ensure we are responding to the needs of senior Australians.

Department of Health

Covid 19 Update Links

Find out how the Federal Government are monitoring and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, how you can help stop the spread of the virus in Australia and what to do if you have symptoms. We also report the latest case numbers, official medical advice and information on treatment.

Quality Agency Links

The Commission expects organisations providing aged care services in Australia to comply with the Quality Standards.

State Health Department Links

Dept. of Health Engagement Hub

The Australian Government is investing $17.7 billion into aged care reforms.

The reforms will make once-in-a-generation changes to aged care. The changes are about:

  • increasing high quality and safe aged care
  • providing dignity and respect to our senior Australians.

In this Engagement Hub you can get involved in the reforms and help drive change in aged care in Australia.

Volunteering Australia

Volunteering Australia is the national peak body for volunteering, working to advance volunteering in the Australian community.

Carers Network

Carers Australia is the national peak body representing Australia’s unpaid carers, advocating on their behalf to influence policies and services at a national level


ELDAC provides information, guidance, and resources to health professionals and aged care workers to support palliative care and advance care planning to improve the care of older Australians.


Older Person’s Advocacy Network

Seniors Rights Services

Our vision is for a society that respects and upholds the rights of older people. Our purpose is to raise awareness and empower older people to activate, uphold, extend and defend their individual rights. We foster communities to respect and value seniors and their rights. We achieve our purpose by providing legal services, aged care advocacy and community education.

Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia

FECCA is the national peak body representing Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. FECCA’s role is to advocate on issues that affect ethnic communities to government, business and our broader society to promote the ongoing success story of multicultural Australia.

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