Suitability Testing

General Information

For aged care service organisations to continue delivering high quality services to older Australians it is critical that we connect the right people to roles in aged care.  Now more than ever, we need to match ‘right fit’ job seekers with potential employers in a timely and efficient way.

ACSA has partnered with Care Advantage, to offer suitability assessments to those looking to work in the Aged Care Service Sector.  These assessments give you, and employers, more insight into your suitability for a certain role.  They are:

  • Validated and proven
  • Short and taken online

Completing these questionnaires comes with benefits for both you and a potential employer.

How does it work?

You click on the link provided (depending on which role you are interested in), the link will take you to the Care Advantage platform.  When you arrive on the Care Advantage platform click on “start” and you will be asked for your details and then the questions start.  You will have to answer the questions true to who you are in a work situation.  Some questions are easier to answer than others, that is normal.

Answering these questions will take about 15 minutes.

What do I get in return?

When you have finished, you will be able to download two free reports.

  1. A Career Trait Profile Report – this report provides insight into your personality in a work environment,  it also gives useful resume and interview tips.
  2. A Suggested Interview Question Report – this report provides you with interview questions that YOU could ask the potential employer at your next job interview.  The suggested questions  will help you find out if the job and the work environment is right fit for you.

How is this beneficial for employers?             

If you choose to complete the questionnaire you have the option of making  your results available to Employers that have identified you, through your application to the Employment Register, as a potential employee.  Employers will only be able to access your reports if you give permission through your Employment Register Application.  Your details are not available for open viewing.

Making the report available to potential Employers may be your point of difference from others applying for the roles you are interested in.  The report focuses on an individuals suitability for a certain job role in the aged care services sector.   It is of particular advantage where you have not previously worked in the Sector e.g. someone may not (yet) have the right work experience or educational background but may have the right personality and attitude to work. This is a very important aspect for many types of jobs, as skills can be taught.

Work as a Care / Support Worker

Work in the Hospitality Services area

Work as a Registered Nurse

Work in administration

Working in other roles

Further Information

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