Women Discovering Aged Care Careers – Industry Awareness Program

Please note the Women Discovering Aged Care Careers program ended on the 8th of May, 2023.

For further information on careers in aged care go here.  

The Women Discovering Aged Care Careers –  Industry Awareness Information Sessions are to support Disability and Employment Service Providers, Teachers and Career Advisors to give all career influencers an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of working in the Aged Care Sector.

You will find out:

  • About the opportunities and challenges working within our sector
  • About the diversity of job roles available
  • What qualities and right-fit attributes we look for in our employees
  • If the sector is the right-fit for your students/clients
  • About the Workforce Hub and free resources available to value add your role as a career influencer
  • Our new exciting Program – ”Women – Discovering Aged Care Careers”

These free 1.5hr online sessions will be held fortnightly state-wide offering professional development opportunities (via zoom) to give you a better understanding of working in the Aged Care Sector.

The Program will provide information to help you improve the quality of career guidance and identification for jobseeker clients or students that are the right-fit and looking for a secure and rewarding career within the sector.

The sessions are for:

  • Disability and Employment Service Providers
  • Teachers and Career Advisors

Industry Awareness Program: for career advisors, teachers and disability and employment service provides to gain a better understanding of the sector so they can identify and refer their clients, jobseekers and students to the aged care sector.

2023 Dates
Day Date Start Time End Time Time Zone – Hobart
Thursday 9/02/2023 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Tuesday 21/02/2023 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Thursday 9/03/2023 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Tuesday 21/03/2023 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Thursday 6/04/2023 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Tuesday 18/04/2023 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Thursday 4/05/2023 9:30am 11:00am AEST
2022 Dates
 Day Date Start Time End Time Time Zone – Hobart
Thursday 14/07/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Tuesday 26/07/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Thursday 11/08/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Tuesday 23/08/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Thursday 8/09/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Tuesday 20/09/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEST
Thursday 13/10/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Tuesday 25/10/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Thursday 10/11/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Tuesday 22/11/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEDT
Thursday 8/12/2022 9:30am 11:00am AEDT

Funded by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, this project is a part of The Australian Government’s National Careers Institute  to ensure Australians have access to reliable and accurate careers information, resources, and support.