The Incontinence Management Micro-Credential Program – for QLD Providers

The Incontinence Management Micro-Credentialing Program aims to enhance prevention and management of incontinence and reduce the risks of adverse events and their associated costs.

This free training offering addresses a critical aspect of elder care and provides a vital professional development opportunity for Registered Nurses and Care Workers in both residential and community care settings in Australia.

Providers will benefit from the program by:

  • Addressing key skills gaps
  • Relieving strain on workforce shortages
  • Increasing employee emotional intelligence and awareness of job requirements for smoother and faster transitioning into the workplace
  • Increasing the providers capacity to provide care and offerings in other areas whilst maintaining good relationships with staff and consumers
  • Increased productivity by reducing care recipient skin issues and the needs to treat
  • Preventing product wastage and cost savings
  • Easy access to training for staff of regional and remote service providers

We’re proud to highlight TENA’s crucial role as subject matter experts for the ACCPA micro-credential courses. Our courses, enriched by insights from TENA, the global leaders in incontinence care, promise unparalleled expertise and quality in continence management education. Find out more about TENA. 


This Micro-credentialing Program project is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.