Discover what Real Nursing is all about with ACSA

Why aged care

Did you know the number of people requiring aged care in Australia is set to double by 2050?

It’s the fastest growing industry in Australia where you really do get to make a difference in people’s lives.

In aged care, you will meet interesting people and get to know their story. You will have the opportunity to help your patients achieve their care goals in a holistic way and experience a sense of fulfilment that is difficult to find elsewhere in nursing.

And unlike popular belief, there are many opportunities for career progression, practising of clinical skills, leadership development and lifelong learning in aged care.

You will work with the most empathetic and compassionate people who are in the industry because they care. In aged care, you will have the opportunity to build strong relationships with GPs, specialists and other medical professionals who rely on your experience with the patient and work with you to achieve the patient’s health goals.

In short, nursing in aged care is Real Nursing.

Our Program

Developed in partnership with real clinicians, our 12-month Graduate Nurse Program is designed to support newly graduated nurses to become confident, safe, competent, professional Registered Nurses in the aged care sector.

Over the course of the year, you may be exposed to a variety of challenging and interesting disciplines in aged care services including:

  • high/acute aged care
  • palliative
  • dementia specific
  • wound management,
  • management of chronic illnesses
  • re-enablement, wellness programs; and
  • community/home care.

You will be supported by a workplace mentor, an experienced Registered Nurse who will guide and support you towards achieving predetermined development goals. Mentors will discuss your progress, share their experience and knowledge, provide emotional support and guide you every step of the way in:

  • undertaking comprehensive health assessments
  • managing workloads and delegating duties
  • developing therapeutic relationships using person-centred care; and
  • developing clinical skills and abiding by aged care sector legislations and regulations.

As a participant in the Program, you will have access to an online collaboration hub, forums and professional development sessions run by real industry experts. There are also opportunities to network with other graduate nurses through our online Communities of Practice forums.

Securing ongoing employment (part time or permanent full time) is extremely common for participants who have completed the program and opportunities exist to undertake postgraduate studies.

Professional Development

Providing meaningful professional development sessions is a critical component of our Program and helps you build the knowledge and skills for a successful career in aged care.

Education and professional development provided in our Program focuses on the following core development areas, for example:

  • Portfolio development
  • Aged Care Legislation and regulations & Royal Commission recommendations
  • Infection Control /PPE/ Covid-19. Falls prevention
  • Health Assessment of the Older Person
  • Nursing management of complex conditions e.g., diabetes management, Parkinson’s Disease
  • Caring for the deteriorating older person
  • Dementia Care
  • The Palliative Approach to End of Life Care
  • Leadership and Communication and Supervision
  • Wound Care and Maintaining Skin Integrity
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Leadership

Through ACSA’s extended member network, you will have access to experienced aged care practitioners with a range of specialist skills and knowledge.

Many of our leaders and experts are Registered Nurses who have worked across a range of health areas and have chosen a career pathway in aged care.

These individuals are an excellent source of knowledge and expertise, and welcome the opportunity to share their experience with graduates and help them explore the career paths available to nurses in the aged care sector.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the program, you must:

  • have obtained a Bachelor of Nursing Degree within the last 2 years
  • be registered with APHRA prior to commencement of the Program
  • have a demonstrated commitment to a career in aged care
  • have a current satisfactory Australian Federal Police Check; and
  • provide evidence of vaccination (including COVID-19) prior to starting employment.

How to apply

Apply online using our simple application form.

The online application form is completed through nine simple steps. You can save your progress and return to complete your application over time.

You will need to identify the state/location/region you would like to work in, and the application will require the details of three referees.

Application Close Dates

There will be two Graduate Nurse Program intakes in 2022 and you will only need to complete one application.

  • Applications close on the 31 January 2022 for the Graduate Nurse Program that commences in February 2022.
  • Applications close on the 31 July 2022 for the Graduate Nurse Program that commences in August 2022.

Once completed, your application will progress through the recruitment and selection process of the aged care organisations deemed the best fit for your requirements.

Don’t delay! Start your online application today and find out what Real Nursing is all about with a career in aged care.

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