Successful Workforce Planning and Development

Tandara Lodge Community Care have recently taken advantage of 8 workforce programs and initiatives offered by ACSA. Recognising the importance of being proactive in addressing key workforce issues, Tandara works with ACSA as part of their critical workforce planning and development strategy. Successful workforce development involves targeted activities not only to enhance the individual skills of workers but importantly, to underpin the effective application of those skills.

ACSA coordinates the Graduate Nurse Transition to Practice Program on behalf of Aged Care Service Organisations. Through this 12 month program a newly graduated nurse is fully supported as they transition to their new role as a registered nurse.  Director of Nursing at Tandara Lodge Community Care, Gaye Mack has witnessed her registered nurse become a confident, safe, competent and professional practitioner.

Catherine Van Engen, RN at Tandara is a part of The Young Leaders Network, which is a network, led by young people, that shares knowledge, skills and ideas. The network promotes Aged Services as a career pathway of choice and showcases leadership and innovation displayed by young people working in the Aged Service Sector in Tasmania.

Earlier in the year several extended care assistants at Tandara completed ACSA’s Workforce Coaching/Buddy Program. This program provided the staff with practical skills, knowledge and tools they can use in the workplace to assist them in their roles as buddies and workplace coaches.  Tandara has also employed two trainees who are being fully supported by ACSA’s School Based Trainee Program as they complete their Certificate III in Individual Support as part of their final year studies at college.  ACSA’s Workforce Coaching/Buddy Program has provided the staff with the knowledge and confidence to appropriately mentor Tandara’s trainees.


Tandara ECA’s Kathy Guinan (left) and Carol Sandford (right) are currently mentoring School Based Trainee’s Indya Clarke (2nd from left) and Brooke Stephenson as they complete the Certificate III in Individual Support. Indya and Brooke will then have the opportunity to transition into the New Directions Program to complete their traineeship at the completion of their year 12 education. Both Indya and Brooke attended one of ACSA’s Career Discovery Days.

The focus of Career Discovery Days is to provide the opportunity for students to gain an insight into the Aged Services Sector. Students meet with staff and young people who work within the sector and are introduced to the wide-ranging job roles on offer and the associated career pathways.  The Career Discovery Day includes a tour of a facility, where they are able to observe first-hand a variety of roles within the Sector. Feedback from many students has indicated that the opportunity to interact with the residents while participating in a leisure and health activity is a highlight of the day.


Rachael Parker is a service employee at Tandara and is currently enrolled in ACSA’s New Directions Program. This program will enable Rachael to complete her Certificate III in Individual Support as she transitions into an extended care assistant. The program includes upfront training followed by monthly workshops facilitated by a Registered Training Organisation.  Tandara acknowledged Rachael’s ‘right-fit’ qualities throughout her work placement while she was participating in ACSA’s Hospitality Services Program. After being offered employment as part of the services team at Tandara, Rachael expressed a desire to train as a carer and is now working towards this.

Rachael Parker (right) is now completing her Certificate III in Individual Support through ACSA’s New Directions Program. Brooke Hendricks (centre) participated in ACSA’s Buddy / Coaching Program. She will be part of the team mentoring Rachael throughout her training.


Tandara’s Director of Nursing Gaye Mack attends the regular Innovation network meetings, sharing that “these meetings provide invaluable opportunities for networking and supporting and developing the sector’s workforce.”

Tandara Lodge Community Care is long-term ACSA member and operates a 46 bed aged care facility in Sheffield, under the foothills of the beautiful Mt Roland in North West Tasmania.


Find out about ACSA’s Workforce Programs and Initiatives here.

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