ACSA Workforce Initiatives Spark Passion for the Sector

A Home Care service provider in the North West of Tasmania has recently recruited a graduate of ACSA’s online Introduction to Hospitality Services Program.

ACSA’s 7th Introduction to Hospitality Services Program was adapted from a face-to-face program to an online learning environment due to Covid-19. 


After being accepted into the program, Anne Gibson of Highclere in Tasmania was highly engaged throughout the online learning and her commitment to the program was a strong indication of her suitability for the sector.

Kate Campbell, the Workforce & Industry Development Officer in the region was approached by the organisation’s Home Care Team Leader who was seeking a ‘right-fit’ employee as part of their strategic workforce plan.

 Anne was thrilled to secure employment in the sector.

Anne’s employer has received a lot of positive feedback from staff and clients and is pleased to see Anna thriving in her new role

ACSA’s Hospitality Services Program focuses on developing a pool of Aged Care Services Sector ‘right-fit’ and job ready people with the skills and knowledge required to take on entry level roles in the ‘Hospitality Services’ area.


Congratulations to Anne – another successful workforce outcome for this ongoing ACSA Program.


“I was accepted into and completed the April 2020 session of ‘Introduction to Hospitality Services’, run by Aged & Community Services Australia. I found the course very informative and helpful.  This course has allowed me to obtain employment in the Aged Care Sector and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain employment in this field.

 I am very grateful for the opportunity which you afforded me to participate in this course. I would also like to thank you for your help, support and encouragement in obtaining the homecare position which I have recently commenced.  I am thoroughly enjoying the work and meeting the clients. 

Please pass on my thanks to the other members of the team at Aged & Community Services Australia who did such a great job running the course.”

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