Generational Awareness Week

Generational Awareness Week was celebrated in September across the Aged Care Services Sector.

This initiative acknowledges the 5 generations that are now working side by side. With 50% of the workforce retiring in the next few years and 45% of the workforce made up of millennials, it’s important to celebrate generational differences that exist in the workplace.

Generational Awareness Week integrates two of ACSA’s workforce programs – The Young Leaders Network and the Leisure and Health Program. Participants of both programs plan and organise an event or activity for staff, volunteers and residents at their organisation.  For the Leisure & Health trainees, this forms as part of their assessment in the Certificate IV training.

Generational awareness can be utilised productively in the workplace. Organisations that can manage multiple generations will benefit from an ability to leverage the strengths of each generation.

Thank you to the organisations that embraced the aged diversity of their workforce:

  • OneCare – The Manor
  • Feros Care
  • Care Forward (North)
  • Glenview Community Services
  • Southern Cross Care Tas
  • Respect Aged Care (St Ann’s & Tyler Village)
  • Meercroft
  • Uniting Agewell (Ningana)
  • Menarock Life, The Gardens
  • Mayshaw Health & Wellbeing

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