Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) acknowledges the invaluable role of the sector’s workforce.

The Aged Care Sector’s workforce is a critical element in the provision of quality services and it is important to recognise the significant role that employees in the Aged Care Sector perform daily. We are proud of the work you are doing and we want to celebrate individuals and organisations by sharing the good news stories and positive outcomes.

Our workforce initiatives and programs actively support individuals and organisations to enable the delivery of quality services to older Australians.

Read the inspirational stories of people who are making a real difference in the lives of those we care for.

ACSA Workforce Initiatives Spark Passion for the Sector

A passionate and caring young lady from the North West Coast of Tasmania has decided she would like to pursue further training to enable her to work as a carer in the Aged Care Services Sector.

Gabriella Simpson from Flowerdale has shared how several ACSA Workforce initiatives have enabled her to make an informed decision about starting a career in the sector.

Graduate of ACSA’s Introduction to Hospitality Services Gains Employment

A Home Care service provider in the North West of Tasmania has recently recruited a graduate of ACSA’s online Introduction to Hospitality Services Program.

ACSA’s 7th Introduction to Hospitality Services Program was adapted from a face-to-face program to an online learning environment due to Covid-19.

A Shining Example of A ‘Right-Fit’ Employee

ACSA’s Workforce initiatives and programs support the sector with a focus on finding the ‘right-fit’ people with the right skills and knowledge.  It is vital that we identify people who are the ‘right fit’ for the Aged Care Services Sector, to enable the delivery of quality services to older Australians.


One outstanding example of a ‘right-fit’ worker who has demonstrated what it takes to succeed in the Aged Care Services Sector, is Krystle Cousens from Meercroft Care in Tasmania.

An Extended Care Assistant at Meercroft Care, Krystle has all the ‘right-fit’ attributes and qualities – she is kind, patient, honest, trustworthy and can think on her feet.

Successful Classroom Training Leads to Work Placement

Participants of the Hospitality Services Program in the North West of Tasmania recently celebrated the final day of classroom training with a special luncheon as they prepared for their 3 week work placement in a care facility.


Catering skills and safe food handling were key components of the pre-employment training program and it was evident that the students excelled in these areas. Excellent communication skills, team-work, problem solving, time management, using initiative and enterprise were clearly demonstrated throughout the luncheon.

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Successful Workforce Planning and Development

Tandara Lodge Community Care have recently taken advantage of 8 workforce programs and initiatives offered by ACSA. Recognising the importance of being proactive in addressing key workforce issues, Tandara works with ACSA as part of their critical workforce planning and development strategy.

Generational Awareness Week

Generational Awareness Week was celebrated in September across the Aged Care Services Sector.

This initiative acknowledges the 5 generations that are now working side by side. With 50% of the workforce retiring in the next few years and 45% of the workforce made up of millennials, it’s important to celebrate generational differences that exist in the workplace.

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