In order to continue delivery of quality services to older Australians it is critical that Aged Care Service Organisations have access to ‘right fit’ potential employees in a timely and efficient way.

For many organisations the current COVID 19 situation has increased their need to recruit in an environment where recruiting ‘right fit’ employees was already difficult.

However we now  find ourselves in a situation where along with the increased demand for workers in our Sector  there is a significant increase in the number of people looking for work.

To help match Aged Care Service Organisations looking to employ with people looking for work ACSA have developed the Aged Care Services Workforce Hub. A key component of  ‘the Hub’ is the Employment Register.

What is the Employment Register?

Individuals looking for work –  can submit an application to be on the Employment Register and potentially be matched to employers looking for staff in their nominated Region(s)

To create efficiencies in the recruitment process, and to provide a level playing field for all applicants, rather than applicants uploading resumes they are required to complete an application form t.  As part of the process applicants supply all of the information that is normally include in a Resume, the roles they would like to apply for and the area(s) they are able to work in.

Aged Care Service Organisations – can access the Employment Register to search for individuals seeking work in their region.  As part of the process organisations can search the register by job role, Region, Local Government Area

Register as an Organisation

To access the Employment Register you will need to register your organisation.  For a step by step Help Guide on accessing and using the Register please visit our Help Guides.

To Register please go to: Register

How to access the register

Once you have registered you will be able to access the Employment Register under the Employment tab at the top of the page.

For a step by step Help Guide on accessing and using the Register please visit our Help Guides