Careers In Aged Care

Older Australians deserve the highest quality of care and services.

The aged care workforce is a critical element in the provision of quality services to older Australians.

While nurses and carers are integral elements, the stereotypical image of a nurse or carer helping an older person in a residential facility is just a tiny glimpse of the overall picture.

Career opportunities are available in a range of fields and professions including finance, human resources, marketing, occupational therapy, hospitality, office administration, maintenance, IT and event management, just to name a few.

What is the Aged Care Sector?

The aged care sector provides a diverse range of services to older Australians and their families. Aged and community care is the fastest growing sector with many employment opportunities available.

Career Pathways & Job Roles

Are you aware of the variety of career pathways and job roles?

There is a diverse range of job roles and career pathways on offer in aged care, including opportunities to upskill and grow your career.


Do you have the right-fit qualities & attributes?

To provide older Australians with quality services, it is vital that that we identify people who are the ‘right-fit’ for the sector and who also determine that the sector is the ‘right-fit’ for them.

Quick facts about the industry

Volunteering in the Aged Care Sector

Volunteering is a great way to experience what it is like to work in the Aged Care Services Sector.

You can improve your workplace skills and gain real-work experience.

If you want to volunteer with older Australians, you can contact any Aged Care Service provider in your area.

There are a range of websites (such as that list volunteering opportunities in your area.

Busting the Aged Care Myths

Nadine's Career Journey

Renae's Career Journey

Ros's Career Journey

Supporter Toolkit

The following Supporter Toolkit contains a range of written and visual resources that can be used to support the Discovering Aged Care Careers campaign.

We encourage all stakeholders in the aged care sector to share the resources on your channels to support the promotion of aged care careers.

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