A practical Guide to Strategic Workforce Development webinar

A Practical Guide to Strategic Workforce Development

Following on from the Attracting, Recruiting and Retaining a ‘right fit’ Workforce webinar, this session offered practical solutions for your workforce development needs.

As with the ‘Attracting, Recruiting and Retaining a Right Fit Workforce’ webinar, the strong interest in this session (351 registrations) is evidence that workforce is a key issue currently being faced by the sector.

This session took participants on a workforce development journey.

After identifying and recruiting ‘right fit’ people, we need to ensure we have strategies in place to develop the ‘right skills and knowledge’ required to enable the delivery of quality service now and into the future.

Good workforce development involves targeted activities not only to enhance the individual skills of workers but importantly, to underpin the effective application of those skills.

This following was explored in this webinar:

  • What is Strategic Workforce Development (panel discussion)
  • Training and Professional Development (accredited vs non-accredited
  • ACSA Learning Portal
  • Job Ready Training
  • New Directions Programs: Hospitality Services, Care/Support, Leisure & Health
  • Enrolled Nursing & Graduate Nurse Program
  • New & Emerging Leaders Program & Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework
  • Summing Up the Journey (Panel Discussion)


With thanks to our guest speakers and panel members:

  • Natalie Welch (Perform HR), Susan Scowcroft (CSH ITAB), Linda Seaborn (Department of State Growth – Skills Tasmania) & Matthew Gillett (Community Services Industry Alliance)
  • Lara Schultz (Southern Cross Care MT Esk)
  • Lauren Knight (Anglican Care), Chris Hyde (Emmerton Park Aged Care)

Recording and Presentation

To watch the webinar, click here

Download the PowerPoint A Practical Guide to Strategic Workforce Development Webinar – July 7 2020